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Recognizing their low ratings in the area of post high school education, Arkansas’ Department of Higher Education began making major changes to the system in the state. Arkansas is funding additional needs-based scholarships, they have also regulated tuition rates, and also have strategically placed campuses throughout Arkansas to ensure there is a school within 30 miles from every home in the state. As a result of the changes, approximately 45 colleges and universities reside in Arkansas. The schools (both private and public) as a whole offer a wide range of different programs ranging from certificates to doctorate, and all points in between. For those focused on enrolling in courses via the internet, the vast majority of Arkansas’ colleges offer most coursework on the internet. The benefits of featuring classes via the internet make Arkansas an attractive place to further your studies. It is often said that the initial step is the most challenging one to take. So begin the process today by searching for a school that will actually suit your needs.

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