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A degree in accounting allows you to perform accounting duties for both individuals and companies. There are many different specialties within accounting that you can study. The general accounting degree includes working on taxes, issuing financial reports and maintaining financial records. The job of an accountant is to keep track of finances for either an individual or corporation. The functions learned in the degree are account payable, payroll, retail sales reports, investments and accounts receivable. The general goal is to access the health of any financial situation. Once a degree is obtained, you will be eligible to become a certified accountant.

An individual who is studying to obtain an advertising degree studies how to use marketing and communication to persuade their targeted audience to try, or take a new action. The most common practice is to guide consumer behavior. There are many specialized degrees available in advertising. Once you begin the program, you will be able to choose a program tailored for your interest and career goals. There are many different ways to persuade an audience to take action. Different theories and practices about how to change the mind and trends of consumers, are the cornerstone of the educational program.

Business Administration
Whether you are looking to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in business administration, all are available. Business administration is a degree that studies general business management, theory and practice of business. A business administrator is in charge of planning, running the day to day operations, reporting of what transpires, and hiring. With a degree in Business Administration you will be able to further your existing career, or begin a whole new adventure, it all depends on how far you want to go. Tailoring your program will guide you on the path you need to reach your professional goals.